Contextual Help - Administration: Task Calendar (Weekly View)

The Task Calendar (weekly view) is useful to get a weekly perspective of all tasks that start and/or end on the selected week, for all projects. The tasks are divided on a per-day basis.

This window has 4 parts: the title bar, the search bar, the week navigation bar and the list of tasks divided on a per-day basis

  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject.
    • The Export link opens a window that allows you to export the list of tasks that is displayed on your screen. Exportation is available in two formats: CSV and Microsoft Excel. The following criteria can be set: Column Delimiter, Decimal Symbol and Date Format.
    • At the end of the title bar you will find the link to contextual help.  
    • The total number of tasks in the selected week is displayed on the "Weekly View" tab. 
  • The search bar lets you filter which tasks to display. You may select one or more search criteria. Simply select one or more criteria from the drop-down lists and click Apply Filter
    • By default, all tasks are displayed in the calendar for the current week.
  • The week navigation bar lets you move, back and forth, one or four week(s) at a time. This allows you to see the task list for a specific week.
  • The task list contains all tasks for the selected week, in accordance with the filters you may have applied.
    • Coloured squares are used in the calendar. Here is the meaning of each:
      • : A task is scheduled to begin on this day.
      • : A task is scheduled to be ending on this day.
      • : A task is scheduled to begin and to be ending on this day.
    • Click the project number to open the project parameters.
    • Click the project name to open the project incomplete tasks.
    • Click the task summary to open the task.
      • If there is a file icon next to the task summary (), this means there are file(s) attached to the task. Click on the file number to open the task's file attachment tab.
      • If there is a dependency icon next to the task summary (1 predecessor(s)
0 successor(s), 0 predecessor(s)
1 successor(s) or 1 predecessor(s)
1 successor(s)), this means that the task is linked to one or multiple tasks.

What are the coloured squares used for?
The legend is the following:

  • : Task starting on this day 
  • : Task ending on this day
  • : Task starting and ending on this day

How can I change the week?
You can display another week by using the week navigation bar located below the search bar.

How can I see only the tasks I'm assigned to?
Simply choose yourself in the "All Assigned" drop-down list and click "Apply Filter". By default, all tasks for all projects are displayed in the calendar for the current week. You may select one or more search criteria. 


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