Contextual Help - Project Discussion Forum

The Project Discussion Forum window displays all discussion topics for this project.

This window has 3 parts: the title bar, a "Text to Search" box and the discussion topics list. 

  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject. At the end of the title bar you will find a link to add a new discussion topic as well as a link to this contextual help. The title bar will also display your total number of discussion topics for this project. 
  • The Text to Search box lets your search all topics and messages in the discussion forum. Your search term will be displayed in red font in the topics and replies.
  • The Discussion Topics list displays the project's discussion topics with a summary of information about them (title, creator, the number of posted replies, the name of the last user to have replied to the topic, and its date of creation). 
    • Click on a topic name to view the replies posted.
    • If you created the topic or if you have project manager access in this project, you can also click on the Edit link to make changes to the topic's title and description.

What are discussion topics?
Discussion topics allow you and your project members to hold and record conversations about a project. Users can participate whenever they want. The discussion forum is organized by topic and by date, so users can follow a "thread" of conversation before they join in, or they can initiate a new thread of discussion.

Who can create a discussion topic?
Any user assigned to the project can create a new discussion topic.

Who can contribute to a discussion topic? Who can post messages to a topic?
Any user who is assigned to the project can post messages to a discussion topic. Once a message is added to the topic, it cannot be modified. Administrators and project managers can delete a reply in case it contains inappropriate concent.

How can I delete a discussion topic?
To delete a topic, you must click the pen icon next to the topic you wish to delete and click the "Delete" button. Discussion topics can be deleted by administrators and project managers only.





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