Contextual Help - Assigned Users (Edit Project Information)

The Assigned Users tab is where you assign users to the project and set their project access rights. Users must be created in your AceProject account before you can assign them to a project.

This tab has 3 parts: The title bar, the navigation tabs and the
list of assigned users.
  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject.
    • The "Add a User" link lets you create a new user in your account.
    • The "Help" link brings you to the contextual help. 
  • The Navigation Tabs make it easier for you to reach specific project parameters such as task groups or task types. Click on the tabs to reach a specific configuration page.
  • The list of assigned users displays all users assigned to the project, along with their access rights. 
    • The "Project Number" row shows the current project's number. Click it to display the basic project parameters.
    • The "Project Name" row shows the current project's name. Click it to display that project's task list.
  • You can sort the list by clicking any column header: click once to sort in ascending order and twice to sort in descending order. 
    • There are four types of access rights in a project: "Project Manager", "Time Approval", "Edit Task Level" and "Can Open Project".
      • The "Project Manager" access right automatically grants the "Time Approval",  the "Can Open this Project" and the highest "Edit Task Level" access rights.  Click here for more information about the project manager access right.
      • The "Time Approval" access right gives you the right to approve or reject time sheet items that refer to the project. Moreover, this access right allows you to generate time reports within the project.
      • The "Can Open Project" access right allows you to access the project parameters, in the project tab. If you do not have this access right, you will only see your assigned tasks for this project under "My Office -> My Tasks".
      • The "Edit Task Level" sets which actions you can or cannot perform on your assigned tasks within the project. There are many access levels, from basic read only to full control. Click here for more information about these access rights.
    • Click on a username to change the user's access rights or to un-assign him/her. 
      • In order to enter hours for a project in his/her time sheet, the user must be assigned to the project.
      • You cannot un-assign a user if he or she is the creator of tasks, is assigned to tasks or is a reviewer on tasks.
    • You can choose to reset the order of your users alphabetically. For example:

      Jane  1
      George  2
      Hector 3

      Users set to alphabetical order:
      George 1
      Hector 2
      Jane 3

What is a project user?
A project user is a user that has access rights to a project. Moreover, you can give different access rights: project manager, time approval and
edit task level. Click here for more information about access rights.

How do I assign a user to a project?
To assign a user to a project (including yourself), click on the Assign a New User link to select a new user to assign to this project. A user must be configured in your AceProject account in order to be assignable to a project. To create users, click on the
"All Users" link on the left panel.

How do I modify a user's access rights?
To modify a user's access rights, click on its name. You will be redirected to the
"Edit Project User Information" page. Modify his/her access rights and click on the "Save" button.

How do I un-assign a user?
To un-assign a project's user, click on its name. You will be redirected to the Edit Project User Information page. Click the
"Un-Assign" button. You cannot un-assign a user if he or she is the creator of tasks, is assigned to tasks or is a reviewer on tasks.

What is the order?
The order number indicates the display order of items in a list or in a drop-down list. For example, when creating a new task, the order in which your statuses will be displayed in the drop-down list will follow what you configured in the "Edit Project Information" page. 

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