Contextual Help - Assignment Tab (Edit Task Information)
The Assignment tab is used to assign users and reviewers to a task. Several users may be assigned or reviewers on the same task. 

This window has 2 parts: a title bar and the navigation tabs.

  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject. At the end of the title bar you will find links to the contextual help, to add a new task, to open or close a time counter, to move/copy a task, and to show a printer-friendly version of the page. 
  • The Task tab shows all available data for this task.
  • The Assignment tab shows which users are assigned or reviewers on the task.
    • Simply check the boxes next to the users who will be assigned and/or reviewers on the task.
    • You can select as many assigned users or reviewers as you want.
    • You can un-assign the users simply by un-checking their boxes.
    • Whenever there is a change in the users assigned to a task (new and removed users), the task's Last Update field will be modified.
    • Check the "Do not send email notification" box to avoid sending an email if the update does not warrant it.
    • Click the "Update" button to save your changes.
    • Click the "Update + Attach" button to save your changes and go to the "File Attachment(s)" tab.
    • Click on the "Back" button to return to the "Tasks" page without saving anything. 
  • The File Attachments tab  displays all files attached to this task. 
  • The Dependencies tab displays all relationships between this task and other project tasks.
  • The History Trail tab displays all changes to your task since its creation.


How do I remove/un-assign a user from a task?
You can un-assign the users simply by un-checking their boxes and clicking the "Update" button.




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