About Email Notifications

AceProject uses email as a communication means with its users. This help page will explain all you need to know about email notification in AceProject. The system sends emails on 6 occasions:
  1. As a welcome message when your account is created.
  2. As a connection information message, usually when a user is created.
  3. As a notification to the assigned user, creator or reviewer when a task is added or updated.
  4. As a request when a user wants his/her time sheet to be approved.
  5. As a notification to a user that his/her time sheet has been processed.
  6. As a notification to recipient(s) that they have received a message in the Message Center.

If the email notification feature doesn't work at all, please read this:

1. Welcome Email
This email is sent out when you first create your account with AceProject. It contains several items:

  • Your login information: company login name, user name and password.
  • A link to the AceProject login page.
  • A feedback request - we like to know what you like and dislike, so we can make AceProject better.
  • Technical support contact information - our support representatives are available to help you with AceProject by email, live chat or by phone.

2. Connection Information Email
This email is sent when the "Send connection information to the user" checkbox is checked before a user's preferences are updated. This is a useful feature that saves time when creating new users. The email contains several items:

  • A login page link.
  • The company's login name.
  • His or her username/password.

3. Task Added / Updated Email
Users can decide to be warned whenever they are assigned to a new task or when one of their tasks is updated or reopened. This is useful since it avoids having to connect to AceProject frequently to check for new or updated tasks. You need to enable email notification in your user preferences to receive notification emails. To enable email notification:

  • Click on the "My Office" tab
  • Click on "My Preferences" in the navigation bar on the left panel.
  • Check the "Email Notification: New Task and/or Updated Task" checkboxes to receive emails when your tasks are updated or when you are assigned a new task.
  • Email notifications are sent in HTML format, so your email program must be able to display this format. 

You cannot send an email notification to yourself. This means that if you make changes to any task, you will not receive a notification message.
For example, if you create a task and assign yourself to it, you will not receive a notification email. Someone else needs to assign you to the task or update the task in order for you to receive a notification.

Once email notification is enabled, you will begin to receive emails in this format:

  • The subject line tells you whether it is a new or an updated task, who updated or created the task, the task number, and the project name. 
  • The body of the message will first display a link to login to AceProject.
  • Next to it, you will find a direct link to open the task.
  • In the case of an updated task, all fields that were modified will be included in the message.
  • Following you will see the whole task, including all available information.
  • Finally, you will find a list of all files attached to it.

Do not reply to an email notification message. This is an automated message sent by the system; all replies will be ignored.


4. Time Approval Request Email
This email is sent when users want to have their time approved by their project manager. From the Weekly Time Sheet page, you can type a customized message and choose the project manager to request time approval from, then click the "Update" button to send the approval request along with an email to the selected project manager.

The approval request email comes in this format:

  • You will see Time Sheet Approval Request in the subject line.
  • The week for which time approval is requested is the first thing in the message body.
  • If there is a custom comment, it will be right under the week.
  • Finally, you will have a link to login directly to AceProject.

5. Time Approval Confirmation Email
This email is sent when someone approves or rejects items in a time sheet. It can contain a custom message, as well as the time sheet items that changed status. From any of the time approval pages, check the items to change, choose their new status, type a message, check the Send email notification checkbox and click "Apply".

The approval confirmation email comes in this format:

  • You will see "Your time sheet has been processed" in the subject line.
  • The name of the user who approved or rejected the time is the first thing in the message body.
  • The weeks or work items that changed status will follow.
  • If there is a custom message, it will be right under the weeks or work items.
  • Finally, you will have a link to login directly to AceProject.

6. Message Center: New Message Email
When someone sends a message through the Message Center, they can choose to send a copy of the message to the recipient(s) email addresses as well. Simply check the Send email notification to recipient(s) checkbox.

The new message email comes in this format:

  • You will see New Message in the subject line.
  • The messenger header containing the sender, the recipient, the subject and the date the message was sent.
  • The actual message.
  • Finally, you will have a link to login directly to AceProject.

How long does it takes to receive an email notification?
Email notifications are sent instantly.

I assigned a task to myself and I did not get an email notification. Why is it not working? 
AceProject recognizes who assigns the tasks and therefore does not send out email notification when a user assigns a task to him/herself. You must assign a task to someone else for AceProject to send an email notification.


If the email notification feature doesn't work at all, please read this:

Managing Email Notifications
Setting up email notifications for new and updated tasks in AceProject is not an automatic process. You need to configure AceProject correctly to be able to send email notifications to your users. Other email notifications (welcome email, connection information, time approval request and new message) do not require special configuration.

You must enable email notifications for each user if you want them to receive an email when one of their tasks is created or updated.

  1. In the "All Users" page under the "Administration" tab, click on one user to open his or her preferences.
  2. Check "Email Notification: New Task and Email Notification: Updated Task".
  3. Click the "Update" button.
  4. Repeat for each user.

The best way to test if AceProject is able to send emails is to send yourself a message.

  1. Click on the "My Office" tab.
  2. Click on "Message Center".
  3. Click on the "Compose" tab.
  4. Leave the box Send email notification to recipient(s) checked.
  5. Send yourself a message.
  6. Check to see if your received the email from AceProject.

If the test failed, there are several possible causes:

  • Mistyped email addresses: make sure your email address is spelled correctly.
  • The recipient's server is blocking AceProject's messages because it classifies them as junk mail. Contact your mail server administrator to white list AceProject.
  • AceProject's internal email component cannot contact the email address' domain. For example: if your email is myname@myserver.com, AceProject cannot contact the myserver.com domain. We have several internal email components available. Often, changing this component solves the problem.
  • The recipient's email server may block AceProject's messages when they are sent by a user that has an email address at the same server. For example, if daniel@myserver.com sends a message to karen@myserver.com, AceProject will configure the "From" field in the email as daniel@myserver.com. Sometimes, domain servers block emails that come from addresses on their domain that have NOT been sent by it. You have two options to solve this problem:
    • Contact your email server administrator to change this security setting and allow emails from the domain that are sent by external servers.
    • You can force all email notifications to be sent from one specific address, such as support@aceproject.com. To do so, go to the Administration tab, then click Configuration. In the Email Notification Options group, click Default Email to force using the same email address as the sender when AceProject sends email notifications.
  • If you have checked all these settings and are still unable to send email notifications, contact us and we will work with you to find a solution.

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