Contextual Help - Project Monthly View (Administration: Gantt Chart)

The Project Monthly View Gantt Chart window shows a monthly progress bar for all incomplete projects.

This window has 4 parts: the title bar, the navigation tabs, the search bar, and the Gantt chart itself. 

  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject.
    • The "Printer Version" link allows you to print your Gantt Chart in a printer-friendly format. 
    • At the end of the title bar you will find the link to contextual help.
  • The Navigation Tabs help you toggle between the Monthly View and the Weekly View.
    • The Monthly View shows progress bars in a monthly grid. This is useful for year-end reports and to gain extra perspective on the advancement of the project.
    • The Weekly View shows progress bars in a daily grid. This is useful to manage workflow.
  • The search bar lets you filter which tasks to display. Simply choose one or more search criteria and click Apply Filter.
    • You can browse by year by using the date navigation bar.
    • You can sort your projects by start or due date. Simple click on the links next to the date navigation bar. 
  • By default, the Project Monthly View Gantt chart shows all projects. The number of projects and months displayed depends on your user preferences. 

    • Simply position the mouse pointer over a progress bar to see more information about the project
    • The list of projects is displayed on the left of the Gantt chart.
      • Click on a project number to open the project parameters.
      • Click on a project name to open its incomplete tasks.
    • Click on any column header in the project list to sort it: click once to sort in ascending order and twice to sort in descending order.  
    • The Gantt chart will remember your filters and sort parameters as you browse from month to month.


What is a Gantt chart?
Gantt charts are a project planning tool used to represent the timing of tasks required to complete a project. Because Gantt charts are simple to understand, they are used by most project managers to illustrate completion or progress.

In a Gantt chart, each
project takes up one row. Dates run along the top. The expected time for each task is represented by a horizontal bar: the left end represents the beginning of the projects, while the right end shows its expected date of completion. As the project progresses and becomes partially done or completed, the color of the horizontal bar will change to reflect completion or percentage of completion.

How can I see all my projects in this chart, without having to browse numerous pages?
The number of projects shown on each page of the Gantt chart is determined by the number of projects per page in "My Preferences" in the "My Office" tab. To see all tasks in one page in the Gantt chart, click on the "My Office" tab, then click on the "My Preferences" link on the left panel. In "My Preferences", you can select to display up to 100 tasks per page. Simply click on the "Update" button to enable your changes and return to your Gantt chart.

Why is my progress bar only grey? Why is my progress bar only red?
The progress bar will change from grey to red as the
project becomes partially or totally completed. A project that is not started - that is, it is marked as 0% done - will have a grey progress bar. A project that is completed - that is, it is marked 100% done or its status is completed - will have a red progress bar. Other projects will be partly grey and partly red, proportional to the percentage of completion.

Some projects have no progress bar. What's wrong?
There are 2 important requirements for a task to have a progress bar in the Gantt chart: it must have a start date AND an end date. If your task
only has either a start date or an end date, it will not have a progress bar.

If your task has both a start and an end date, but you still cannot see its progress bar in the Gantt chart, it may be that its time frame is set in another month. Simply click
the date navigation bar to move in time.

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