Contextual Help - Login Page

The Login Page is where you open a session in AceProject. For a security purpose, each user must provide the company login name,  his/her username and password.

window has 3 parts: The "Help" and "Français" links, the connection fields and the "Secure/Non-Secure" connection button.
  • The "Help" link gets you to the AceProject Support System. This section includes FAQ, a "Getting Started" guide, etc.
  • The "Français" link allows you to switch from English to French.
  • The connection fields must be filled by the user to login.
    • The Company Login Name field is the company's account name. (Ex. Company Name = EBM Corporation / Company Login Name = ebmcorp). The system uses cookies to record your Company Login Name.
    • The Username is the name of a user that has been created in the company's account. (Ex. User = John Smith / Username = jsmith). The system uses cookies to record your Username.
    • The Password is linked with the username.
      • You can check the "Remember Password" box if you do not want to enter your password everytime you login.
  • The "Secure / Non-Secure Connection" button lets you choose whether you want your information to be protected with SSL 128-bit encryption or not.


How can I get logged in automatically, without going through the connection page?
If you want to skip the connection page and get logged in automatically, you have to pass three parameters to the login page: "Company", "Login" and "Password". The "Company" parameter correspond to the "Company Login Name" field and the "Login" parameter correspond to the "Username" field. For example, .

How can I open a task directly upon login?
You have to pass the "TASK_ID" parameter to the login page. The system will request that you login, and then, you will be redirected to the task directly. For example, .

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