Contextual Help - New Project

The New Project page is used to create a blank project or copy an existing project template, including items such as tasks, file attachments and even project documents. 

This window has 3 parts: The title bar, the Project Selection area (step 1) and the Project Information area (step 2).

  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject. At the end of the title bar you will find the link to the contextual help. 
  • In Project Selection area (step 1) lets you choose whether to create a blank project or to copy another project's parameters such as task types, statuses, priorities, users and even tasks.
    • Create a blank project: Choosing this option will create an empty project. It will contain no tasks, no project documents, no assigned users, task groups, statuses, priorities and types, nor any other specific configuration.
      • The "Create Default Values" checkbox lets you define default task groups, task types, task statuses and task priorities for your new project. 
    • Copy a project from this template: Choosing this option will let you "borrow" configuration parameters from an existing project template. This is useful to avoid re-assigning users, creating task types, statuses, priorities, groups, as well as adding basic tasks and files that you will use with every project.
      • Select the project to copy from.
      • Copy project documents: Select this checkbox if you would like to copy all documents associated to the project itself. All locked documents in the original project will be unlocked in the new project. This does not include files attachments associated to tasks.
      • Copy tasks: Select this checkbox if you would like to copy the project's tasks as well.
        • Copy file attachments: Select this checkbox to copy the files attached to the tasks to the new project. This will create a duplicate of the files in the new project.
        • Adjust task dates based on project start date: Select this checkbox to keep the same time interval with the project's start date. For example, if a task starts 6 weeks after the beginning of the project, its dates will be adjusted so it starts 6 weeks after the beginning of the new project. This helps you keep your time-based structures intact. A project template must have a start date if you wish the task dates to be adjusted accordingly.
  • The Project Information area (step 2) displays basic information about your project.
    • Information is organized in 5 groups: General, Settings, Contact and Default Values and Task Dependencies.
    • Fields in bold with an asterisk* are mandatory.
    • The General group contains information about the project itself.
      • The project's name and number must be unique. You cannot have two projects with the same number or the same name.
      • A project's number can be alpha-numeric (letters and numbers)
    • The "Contact" group contains the name and contact information of the person in charge of the project.

    • The "Settings" group contains detailed project information.
      • You can associate a client to this project by choosing it from the drop-down list. Click on the icon next to the drop-down list to display the client's contact information.
      • The Next Task Number field is used to tell AceProject which number to attribute to the next task to be created. 
      • Check the "Project Template" box to set this project as template. Its structure (project users, groups, types, statuses and priorities) and tasks will be available for copy into a new project afterwards.
      • Once a project is completed, you should check the "This project is complete" checkbox. Before setting a project as completed, make sure all its tasks have a "completed" status.   
      • If you would like to track all changes made to this project's tasks, check the "Task History Enabled" checkbox.
    • The "Default Values" group is used to set date and time defaults for that specific project. You can set the default task start and due dates as well as the default estimated hours for a task.
    • The "Task Dependencies" group is used to decide whether weekends will be included in the business days calculation or not, when task dates are adjusted. By default, task dates are adjusted excluding weekends (Monday to Friday).   
      • For example, if the end date of a predecessor task is moved one day later, its successors' start and end dates will be adjusted accordingly. This means that a task that ends on a Friday will be adjusted differently depending on the selected option. If weekends are excluded, its end date will be moved to Monday. If weekends are included, its end date will be moved to Saturday.
                                                M  T  W  T  F  S  S  M  T  W  T  F  S  S 
        Weekends included                             X--X   
        Weekends excluded                            X-------X

  • Click "Save" to create the new project and open the "Project Configuration" page, or "Back to Projects" to return to the "All Projects" page.


How do I copy a project's structure and tasks? 
To copy a project template to a new project, click the
"Copy a Project From This Template" radio button, then select the project to copy from the drop-down list. If you would like to also copy this project's tasks, check the Copy tasks checkbox. Finally, fill out the rest of the form and save your new project.

A project must be configured as a template to be available for copy. To configure a project as a template, open the project's parameters and check the project template checkbox at the bottom of the Project number tab.

What is the next task number? 
Task numbers are generated automatically by AceProject, using the next task number provided in the
"Edit Project Information" page. You can change this generated task number when creating a new task. To change the number of the next task to be created, simply type in the number in the "Next Task Number" field and save your changes.  

How do I assign a user to a new project? 
Once your project is created, you will be able to assign users to it. To assign a user to a project (including yourself), open your new project and click the "Assigned Users" tab. Click on the "Assign a New User" link to select a new user to assign to this project, then set access parameters for the newly assigned user.

  • A user must be configured in your AceProject account in order to be assigned to a project.
  • To create users, click the "All Users" link on the left panel

What is a project template? 
A project template is useful if you would like to reuse a project's structure (groups, types, statuses, assigned users, and priorities) as well as tasks in a new project, To make a project's structure available to be copied, make sure you check the Project Template checkbox at the bottom of the table under the
"Project Number" tab.  

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