Contextual Help - Administration: Custom Task Reports

The Custom Task Reports window allows you to see the list of personalized task reports that have been created, by all users.

This window has 2 parts: The title bar and the reports table.

  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject.
    • The "Add a Custom Report" link allows you to create a personalized task report.
    • The link to "Contextual Help" is at the end of the title bar.
  • The reports table has 5 columns: Checkboxes, "Name", "Description", "Creator" and "Created Date".
    • You can click a report's checkbox to select it if you want to delete it. Then, click the "Delete Checked Report(s)" button to delete it/them.
    • The "Name" column displays the name of all created reports. You can click on the report icon Edit to edit the report or click the report's name to see its content.
    • The "Description" column displays a description or a comment for each report.
    • The "Creator" column displays the name of the user who created each report.
    • The "Created Date" column displays the date of creation for each report.

*** About Custom Task Reports and the Administration-Limited mode access right ***
Normal users with the Administration-Limited mode access right can see all custom task reports created by all users. However, tasks will be filtered so that tasks the user cannot see will not be displayed on these reports.

How can I edit a custom task report content?
Click this icon Edit to edit a custom report content. Make your changes and click the "Update and Generate Report" to save your changes.

How can I print my custom task reports?
Click the name of the custom task report you wish to print. Then, click the "Print the Main Page" link, on the left panel, if you wish to have the same layout as what is displayed on your screen. If you prefer a more printer friendly format, use the "Printer Version" link on top right.  Moreover, custom task reports are exportable. The Export link opens a window that allows you to export the custom task report that is displayed on your screen. Exportation is available in two formats: CSV and Microsoft Excel. The following criteria can be set: Column Delimiter, Decimal Symbol and Date Format.


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