Contextual Help - Administration: Task Report by Date 

The Task Report by Date is useful to perform a date-based search. Optionally, you can set a date range for the beginning and the end of your report. It displays the following date fields: Start, Due-Date, Created, and last Update. By default, this report shows all incomplete tasks for all projects.

This window has 3 parts: the title bar, the search bar and the task list

  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject.
    • At the end of the title bar you will find the link to contextual help.
    • The Printer Version link opens a window that contains only the tasks that correspond to your search criteria. You can even choose the number of tasks per page.
    • The Export link opens a window that allows you to export the task report by date that is displayed on your screen. Exportation is available in two formats: CSV and Microsoft Excel. The following criteria can be set: Column Delimiter, Decimal Symbol and Date Format.
    • The title bar will also display your total number of tasks that correspond to your search. 
  • The search bar is used to filter the information you want in the report. You may choose one or multiple search criteria and click "Apply Filter".
    • You can set two dates for the beginning and the end of your report. For each date:
      • Choose the date field to perform the search on: Start, Due-Date, Created, and Last Update.
      • Choose the operator:
        • < means "before" the date selected.
        • < or =  means "on or before" the date selected.
        • =  means "on" the selected date.
        • > or =  means "on or after" the selected date.
        • > means "after" the date selected.
      • Choose the date. You can type it directly or click on the button to pick it from a calendar.
  • The Report table displays all tasks that correspond to your search criteria
    • The table displays the Project, Task Number, Summary, Status, Assigned date, Due-Date, Creation Date and Last Update.
    • You can sort the table by clicking any column header: click once to sort in ascending order and twice to sort in descending order. 
    • Click on a project name to open it in the second tab.
    • Click on the task summary to open it.
      • If there is a file icon next to the task summary (), this means there are file(s) attached to the task. Click on the file number to open the task's file attachment tab.
      • If there is a dependency icon next to the task summary (1 predecessor(s)
0 successor(s), 0 predecessor(s)
1 successor(s) or 1 predecessor(s)
1 successor(s)), this means that the task is linked to one or multiple tasks.
    • By default, this report will show all incomplete tasks for all projects.


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