Contextual Help - Task Reports 

The Task Reports page is useful to select a report to produce.

This window has 2 parts: the title bar and the report list

  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject.
    • At the end of the title bar you will find the link to contextual help, as well as the link to add a new task.
  • The Report list displays all available task reports for the project
    • The Task Description Report is used to search for specific text in the 4 description fields: Summary, Status, Details, Assigned User's Comments and Reviewer's Comments.
    • The Task Report by User report is useful to search for a specific user's tasks. This search can be performed on the Creator, Assigned User and Reviewer fields.
    • The Task Report by Date report is useful to perform a date-based research. It displays the following date fields: Start, Due-Date, Created, and last Update.
    • The All Tasks Report displays all task fields except for the Comment fields: Details, Assigned User's Comments and Reviewer's Comments.
    • The Unassigned Task Report displays all tasks that have no assigned user and/or reviewer. All task fields are displayed in this report.

How do I add a task? 
To add a task, click on the [Add a task] link at right of the title bar. Then, fill out the mandatory fields and click on the "Save" button.  You must have proper access rights to be able to add a task. 


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