Contextual Help - Edit Work Item Information

The Edit Work Item Information window is used to add or modify your weekly hours worked for a project.

This window has 4 parts: the title bar, the approval status table, the work item table and the comments table. 

  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject. At the end of the title bar you will find the link to contextual help as well as the link to add a new week.  
  • The Approval Status table show whether your work item is approved, rejected or pending. 
    • If your work item is Approved, you cannot change it anymore: the whole page becomes disabled, except for the "Comments" field. 
  • The Work Item table lets you select the task for which you want to enter time.
    • Selecting a task number is not mandatory. 
      • The Task Number drop-down list makes selection easy: your tasks assigned and to review are on top of the list and completed tasks are in grey font. Tasks where you are neither assigned nor reviewer are grouped together at the bottom of the drop-down list.
      • What you will see in the Task Number drop-down list depends on your access rights:
        • Administrators will see all tasks, sorted in two groups: assigned/review and other tasks.
        • Normal users that can open the project will see all tasks, sorted in two groups: assigned/review and other tasks.
        • Normal users that cannot open the project will only see their assigned/review tasks. They will not see tasks assigned to other users or any other task to which they are not associated.
    • All hours entered for a specific task are cross-referenced so that you know how many hours were put in for a task.  
    • You cannot enter more than twenty-four (24) hours per day. 
  • The Comments table is used to enter any comment you may have concerning this work item. If the item was entered automatically, this table also shows the start and end times from the IN/OUT module.
  • Click "Update" to save your changes. 
  • To remove a work item, click "Delete"
  • To return to your weekly time sheet, click "Back to Weekly Time Sheet"

What do the approval statuses mean?
Time sheets status can be "In progress", "Submitted", "Approved" or "Rejected": 

  • In Progress means you have not submitted it for approval. 
  • Submitted means your time sheet has not been approved or rejected, it is waiting to be processed.
  • Approved means your time has been accepted. 
  • Rejected means your hours were not accepted. 

I cannot make changes to my work item. What's wrong? 
If your work item is approved, you cannot make changes to it anymore.

How do I delete a work item? 
To delete a work item, click on the "Delete" button. You cannot delete a work item that has been approved.


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