Contextual Help - Add a New Week

The Add a New Week window lets you choose a date for a new week in which you will enter your work hours.

This window has 2 parts: the title bar and the week parameters selection table

  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject. At the end of the title bar you will find the link to contextual help. 
  • In step 1, you choose the date for your new week
    • Click [<<< 4 weeks] or [<<<1 week] to move back in time in the week detail table. 
    • Click [1 week >>>] or [4 weeks >>>] to move forward in the week detail table. 
    • The "Week Detail" table shows information about the chosen week. 
      • The Global Approval Status lets you know if your week has been submitted, approved or rejected. If you see "No Status", this means that your week has not been sent for approval.
      • The Week Dates shows the actual week's start and end dates, based upon your account's week management
      • The Time Sheet For will display your full name.
  • In step 2, you choose whether to create a blank week or copy an existing week.
    • When you copy an existing week, it adds all the work items and comments from the chosen week into the new one.
    • To also import worked hours in your new time sheet, check the Import hours checkbox.
  • In step 3, click "Save" to add your new week, or "Back" to return to your time sheets without adding a new week. 

How do I choose another week than the default one? 
To change the week date, click on [<<< 1 week] [<<< 4 week] to choose a previous date or [1 week >>>] [4 week >>>] to choose a further date than the one displayed in the week detail table.

Why can't I create the same week twice?
Weeks cannot be created twice to facilitate the overall time management process. This avoids work items to be scattered among several identical weeks. 

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