Contextual Help - Administration: Time Approval

The Administration: Time Approval window lets you approve time for one week at a time. The window displays all work items for one user's time sheet for one week.

This window has 4 parts: the title bar, navigation tabs, the work items table, and the approval bar

  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject. At the end of the title bar you will find a link to contextual help. The total number of work items is displayed on the "Weekly View" tab or on the "Work Items View" tab. 
    • Click the "Delete" button to remove checked weeks below from the system.
    • Click the "Back" button to return to the weekly view window and keep the filters you had applied.
  • The Navigation Tabs help you toggle between the Weekly View and the Work Items View.
    • The Weekly View shows you each user's time, week by week. If a user has several work items for one week, it will be specified in the Work Items column. This is useful to save time on work item approval: you can approve a whole week without having to approve each item independently.
    • The Work Items View shows each work item separately. This is helpful to gain a detailed understanding of a user's work for that project. You can then approve or reject each work item individually.
  • The Work Items table displays all work items for the selected week with some data about them. 
    • Click on the task number to open the referred task. 
      • If there is a file icon next to the task summary (), this means there are file(s) attached to the task. Click on the file number to open the task's file attachment tab.
    • Check work items to select which ones will change status, then click on one of the approval buttons. 
    • If you have the proper access rights, you can change another user's hours by clicking an item's status.
    • If the user has entered comments about this work item, you can see it by positioning your mouse pointer over the Note icon:
    • By default this window will show all pending work items for all users, with the most recent ones at the top of the list. 
    • You can sort the table by clicking on underlined column headers: click once to sort in ascending order and twice to sort in descending order. 
    • Once a work item is approved, the user can only access it in read-only mode. 
    • Totals for each day as well as for the whole week are available in bold font.
  • The Approval bar lets you change the approval status of one or several selected items.
    • Check the items to change.
    • Choose the new status in the drop-down list.
    • Compose a custom message if necessary.
    • Check the Send email notification checkbox to notify the user by email. The message will contain information about the approved or rejected items, as well as the custom message.
    • Click the "Apply" button.  
    • When work items change status, AceProject re-computes de related task's actual hours figure. Actual hours corresponds to the number of hours filled in the time sheets for a specific task. This only includes time sheet items with in progress, submitted and approved status. Rejected time is not included in the computation.


What do the approval statuses mean?
Time sheets can be In progress, Submitted, Approved or Rejected: 

  • In Progress means it is not submitted it for approval. 
  • Submitted means the time sheet has not been approved or rejected, it is waiting to be processed.
  • Approved means the time sheet has been accepted. 
  • Rejected means the hours were not accepted. 

Who can approve my time sheets or work items?
Administrators, project managers and users with
the time approval access right can approve or reject work items for a project. 

How can I modify time entered by other users?
Click the week you wish to modify, then click the work item's status you wish to modify. Make your modifications and click the "Update" button. Only administrators can perform this action. Project managers may be allowed to perform this action, as long as the work item belongs to the project they manage.

How can I delete a time sheet?
Click the week you wish to delete and then click the "Delete" button to confirm the week deletion. Only administrators can perform this operation.



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