How to Use AceProject's Interface

This page aims to help you learn to use AceProject's interface efficiently. AceProject uses a tab-based navigation.
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The "My Office" Tab contains all the information related to the user who is connected. The project's tab contains all the information related to the opened project. The "Administration" tab contains all the management tools for the account. The Help tab contains all help topics Select the project to open in the second tab from this drop-down list The name of your company and the user who is connected are always displayed in the top right corner You can switch languages or upgrade your account from anywhere in the system. Each page has its own help file. You can open a printer-friendly version of each page. The menus change depending on the tab in which you are. When there is an arrow next to the menu, you can click it to open a sub-menu. Each page's title describes its contents and the number of items it contains. Several pages offer a filter function where your can decide what to display. Whenever a column header is underlined, you can click it to sort the table. The page icon means there is a file attached to the task. Click the number to view the file. The clock icon means the IN/OUT module is opened for this task. Click the clock to display it. When there is a high number of items, you can browse from page to page. You can open a task directly by typing its number in this text box. Click this button to print the current page content. You have to click on the task summary to open a task Click here to add a task. Click here to search tasks by status. You can export data from the current section in Excel format. This icon means that this task is linked to another with a task dependency. Click the icon to see the dependency details.

When you Connect
AceProject's main window contains a header, a menu and a content area.
  • The header contains AceProject's logo, navigation tabs, language and upgrade options, as well as connection information.
    • Each navigation tab takes you to a specific part of the system. They are described in detail further down.
    • There is a drop-down list next the navigation tabs. Use it to open a project in the list. The project will be opened in the second tab.
    • At the top right of the window are the upgrade and language options. You can switch between English and French from anywhere in the system. It is also very easy to transform your existing account to ADVANCED, PRO or GOLD packages without losing your data.
    • Just below the language and upgrade options AceProject displays the name of your company and the user who is connected.
    • AceProject can manage multiple projects, but you can only open one project at a time. The opened project is displayed in the second tab. To see data from more than one project at a time, you have two options:
      • In the "My Office" tab, you can see all tasks assigned to you, regardless of project.
      • In the "Administration" tab, you can see all existing projects or all existing tasks.
  • The left panel contains links to options and features related to the opened tab. Depending on the tab that is opened, the links on the left panel may be different.
  • The content area displays what you selected on the left panel.

AceProject's Navigation Tabs
AceProject has four navigation tabs: "My Office", the project's tab, "Administration", and "Help".

  • Depending on your access rights, you may not see the "Administration" tab or the project's tab.
  • If you have no default project to open upon login, you will only see the "My Office" and "Help" tabs. Once you open a project form the "My Office" tab, the project's tab will appear.
  • The My Office tab contains all the information about the user who is connected. This is like a private section.
    • User preferences can be set from this tab. You can adjust settings such as your password, time zone or even the number of tasks to display on each page.
    • Your assigned tasks, projects, time sheets and messages are all available from this tab.
  • The project's tab contains all the information about the opened project.
  • The Administration tab contains all the account and project configuration options.
    • You can get an overview of all your projects, users, tasks, etc.
    • This tab contains several administrative tools, such as a calendar, statistics, reports, and Gantt charts for all projects.
  • The Help tab is your gateway to AceProject support. It contains all the contextual help files as well as a getting started guide to AceProject.

How to Navigate through the Pages
Each page follows the same format. There is a left panel, a title bar, and the actual page content.

  • The left panel changes depending on the active tab. When there is an arrow next to a menu item, it means you can click it to open a sub-menu.
  • The title bar at the top of the content area often has a number next to the title. This is the number of items that are displayed in that page.
  • At the end of the title bar you will find page-specific options (such as adding a new task), a link to a printer-friendly version of the page and to the contextual help.
  • Below the title bar, you may see a filter menu. This enables you to choose which items to display depending on their status, for example. You can also use the filter menu to make a search.
  • Whenever a column header is underlined, you can click it to sort the table.
  • If there are too many items in the page, you will see a page browser at the bottom of the page to switch from one page to another.

When making a bookmark to your AceProject account, make sure to point to the login page (login.asp).


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