Contextual Help - Close IN/OUT
The Close IN/OUT window is used to close an IN/OUT item. An IN/OUT item is used to log your time automatically for a task. When you close the IN/OUT, the hours elapsed are added to your time sheet for that task.

This window has 2 parts: the title bar and the Edit tab

  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject. At the end of the title bar you will find the link to contextual help.  
  • The Edit tab is a form to choose your parameters for the IN/OUT item.
    • Since everything is automated, you can only choose your time type, your current week and enter a comment.
      • "Start Time" is the date and time when you opened the IN/OUT item.
      • "Estimated Hours" is the figure from the task itself. It corresponds to how long it should take to complete the task.
      • "Elapsed Hours" corresponds to the amount of time since this time counter was activated.
      • "Remaining Hours" corresponds to Estimated Hours - Elapsed Hours. If there is a negative number, it means the counter has been active for a longer time than what was originally estimated.
      • "Time Type" identifies the nature of the hours worked.
      • "Current Week" lets you choose in which time sheet to log this time.
      • The "Week" table shows how your time will be logged in the time sheet. If you have Administrator access, you will be able to make changes to these values, otherwise they cannot be changed.
      • The Comments field lets you add any additional information. Once you close your IN/OUT item, AceProject will automatically add the start and end times for the item in this field.
      • IMPORTANT: You cannot log more than 24 hours in one day. If you forget to close an IN/OUT item after 24 hours, the system will force you to delete it.
    • Click the "Close (OUT)" button to save this time. It will add the new work item to your time sheet for the chosen week.
    • Click "Delete" to cancel this time counter. This will stop the counter without adding a new work item to your time sheet.
    • Click Back" to cancel and return to the task window.


What are IN/OUT items for? 
N/OUT items are used by each user to log his/her time automatically. When they close the IN/OUT, the hours elapsed are added to their time sheet for that task. For administrators, this window is useful to know which task each user is working on.


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