Contextual Help - My Assigned Projects

The My Assigned Projects window shows a summary of information for each project you are assigned to.

This window has 4 parts: the title bar, the navigation tabs, the search bar, and the project list. 

  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject.
    • If you have the proper rights, you will see a link to add a new project.
    • The Export link opens a window that allows you to export the list of projects that is displayed on your screen. Exportation is available in two formats: CSV and Microsoft Excel. The following criteria can be set: Column Delimiter, Decimal Symbol and Date Format.
    • At the end of the title bar you will find a link to contextual help.
    • The total number of projects that fits the chosen search criteria will be displayed on the "My Assigned Projects" tab.
  • The Navigation Tabs help you toggle between assigned projects and access rights.
    • The My Assigned Projects tab shows all projects you are assigned to. By default, this page will show incomplete projects only.
    • The My Access Rights tab shows your access levels for each project.
  • The search bar lets you select which projects to display, much like a filter.
    • Choose the project's type or all project types.
    • Choose a client or leave the selection to all clients.
    • Choose the project's status or all project statuses.  By default, only incomplete projects are displayed in this window. 
    • Type keywords in the Text to Search box to highlight it in your search results.
    • Click Apply Filter to enable the filters.
  • The project list shows a summary of information for each project: the total number of tasks and hours worked for each project. 
    • Unless otherwise specified in the user's Preferences, projects are sorted in ascending project number. 
    • The % done field indicates the global advancement of the project. 
    • Click the project name to open the project and display the "incomplete tasks" page. Note that you must have the proper access rights to open the project.
    • Click on a project number to open the project's parameters. Note that you must be an administrator or a project manager to edit a project's parameters.
    • Click any column header to sort the project list: click once to sort in ascending order and twice to sort in descending order.  

How do I add a project? 
To add a project, click the "Add a Project" link on top right. You will be redirected to the New Project page. Then, fill out the mandatory fields and click the "Save" button. You must the proper access rights to add a project

How do I visualize a project's tasks? 
To visualize a project's tasks, click on the project name. 

How do I visualize a project's parameters? / How do I configure my project? 
To visualize a project's parameters, click on the project number. You will be redirected to the Edit Project Information page, where you can configure the project's users, task groups, task statuses, task types, and task priorities. 

How do I delete a project? 
Note that only administrators can delete projects. To delete a project, the administrator must go under "Administration -> Administrative Tools -> Delete Project". Then, select the project you wish to delete from the drop-down list. Finally, you must decide which parts of the project you wish to delete and click "Execute" to confirm.

What is "Total Tasks"? 
This field indicates the total number of tasks in each project. This includes all tasks, completed and incomplete. 

What is "Total Hours"? 
This field indicates the total number of estimated hours for all the tasks in a project. 

What is "%Done"? 
This field indicates the global advancement of the project. The calculation is made as follows: For each task, the estimated hours is multiplied by the percentage done, giving the subtotal. All the project's subtotals are summed up, then divided by the total number of estimated hours for the whole project. Here is the formula used by AceProject:
(estimated hours X %done) / total hours  

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