Contextual Help - My Access Rights

The My Access Rights tab lists all access rights for each project you are assigned to

This tab has
4 parts: the title bar, the navigation tabs, the search bar and the assigned projects list
  • The title bar tells you where you are in AceProject. At the end of the title bar you will find a link to contextual help.  
  • The Navigation Tabs help you toggle between assigned projects and access rights.
    • The My Assigned Projects tab shows all projects you are assigned to. By default, this page will show incomplete projects only.
    • The My Access Rights tab shows your project access rights on a per-project basis.
  • The search bar lets you filter which projects to display. By default, only incomplete projects are displayed in this window. You may select one or multiple search criteria and click the "Apply Filter" button.
  • The Assigned Projects list displays all assigned projects for the user, along with his/her access rights. 
    • Unless otherwise specified in the user's Preferences, projects are sorted in ascending project number.
    • You can sort the task list by clicking on any column header: click once to sort in ascending order and twice to sort in descending order. 
    • There are four types of access rights in a project: "Project Manager", "Time Approval", "Edit Task Level" and "Can Open Project".
      • The "Project Manager" access right automatically grants the "Time Approval",  the "Can Open this Project" and the highest "Edit Task Level" access rights.  Click here for more information about the project manager access right.
      • The "Time Approval" access right gives you the right to approve or reject time sheet items that refer to the project. Moreover, this access right allows you to generate time reports within the project.
      • The "Can Open Project" access right allows you to access the project parameters, in the project tab. If you do not have this access right, you will only see your assigned tasks for this project under "My Office -> My Tasks".
      • The "Edit Task Level" sets which actions you can or cannot perform on your assigned tasks within the project. There are many access levels, from basic read only to full control. Click here for more information about these access rights.  
    • Click on a project name to open its incomplete tasks.
    • Click on a project number to open the project parameters.

About Security Levels

There are two access types for a user: Administrator and Normal

Read our page about access rights.

How do I visualize a project's tasks? 
To visualize a project's tasks, click on the project n

How do I visualize a project's parameters? / How do I configure my project? 
To open a project's parameters, click the project's number. You will get to the "Edit Project Information" page in which you will be able to configure the project's assigned users, task groups, task statuses, task types, and task priorities. You must have the proper access rights to perform this operation.

How do I delete a project? 
To delete a project, click the project's number. From the "Edit Project Information" page, click the "Click here to delete this project" link. Then, choose the project from the drop-down list, select which parts of the project you wish to delete and click "Execute" to delete the project. You must have the proper access rights to perform this operation.

How can I change my access rights?
To modify your project access rights, you must contact either a Project Manager or an Administrator. For your account access rights, only an Administrator can modify them.



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